This Week in OpenNMS: February 27th, 2017

In the last week we worked on various internal cleanups and the web UI.

Github Project Updates

  • Internals

    Jesse did more work on cleaning up data collection. Seth continued to work on updating our embedded Karaf to Karaf 4. Jesse and I worked a bunch on converting old Castor-based internal objects to use JAXB. Seth worked on integrating grok-based syslog parsing. Antonio worked on some Enlinkd bugs. Alejandro added metric instrumentation to the Drools correlator. Jesse worked a bit more on OpenDaylight integration.

  • Web UI and ReST

    Markus did more topology cleanup work. Christian fixed more issues in the BSM admin UI. Craig worked on adding support for using asset data for creating a topology layout.

Horizon 19.0.1 (Ferret-Legging) Released

Horizon 19.0.1 was released last week, with a number of upgrade-related bugs fixed. If you are using Horizon 19, please upgrade!

Upcoming Events and Appearances

Until Next Week…

If there’s anything you’d like me to talk about in a future TWiO, or you just have a comment or criticism you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to say hi.

- Ben

Resolved Issues Since Last TWiO

  • HZN-626: Collect JMS queue statistics from the embedded broker via JMX
  • HZN-937: Remove direct GraphProvider access from GraphContainer (user session)
  • HZN-1005: JMXCollector support for Minion
  • HZN-1006: NSClientCollector support for Minion
  • HZN-1007: TcaCollector support for Minion
  • HZN-1016: Provide generic functionality to resolve geolcations and remove the current implementation from nodemaps
  • HZN-1019: Generic requisition URL support
  • HZN-1029: Service opennms doesn't start after upgrade from 18.0.4 to 19.0.0-1
  • NMS-8682: Discovery list duplicate nodes
  • NMS-9090: Collection timing enhancements
  • NMS-9114: Minion throw's NullpointerException while flushing one or more aggregates in 'Trap' module.
  • NMS-9116: Fix RPC integration tests
  • NMS-9120: Selection of non-disk RRD strategies
  • NMS-9123: Bundle error in output.log on startup

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