Hacktoberfest 2018 for OpenNMS

Hacktoberfest is a way to celebrate open source during an entire month. If you make 5 Pull Requests from 1st October - 31st October you get a limited free T-Shirt. We have collected a few low level issues in a JIRA Epic called Paper Cut Issues, you can pick any open issue you like, these are the ones which have a low barrier to solve.


How can I make my first contribution?

  • Fork OpenNMS and create a branch with the JIRA issue number you want to work on from develop, e.g. issue/NMS-6446
  • Set the issue in JIRA to "Start Progress" and assign it to your JIRA user
  • Create a Pull Request in the upstream OpenNMS project against develop and set the JIRA issue to "Review"

If you want more details how we maintain and manage our project read our Contribution Guide or talk with us in our Chat.